Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Should you advertise with classified and print advertising? Absolutely.

Here's my latest article that appeared in the MargateNews. Would love your comments!

Should you advertise with classified and print advertising? Absolutely.

What’s the greatest advantage of marketing with classified ads, instant results, or at least that’s what you hope to accomplish. Someone sees your ad listed or clicks on a button on a website advertising your products or services and they are immediately given information on your services and shown how you can help them. It’s especially beneficial if they are experiencing a real need at that time. It’s a great way to connect with your potential client and often in a very affordable means.

So how can you best ensure it works? Simple. Do your research before you spend any money. Check to see if those businesses already advertising are frequent advertisers. Most people will advertise repeatedly if it’s producing results.

Know your target audience and make sure that those are the people who will be seeing your ad. For example, it’s doubtful that you will be able to sell expensive season tickets to a sports event to brand new moms. However, those same tickets would quickly go on a sports site or a sports publication.

When placing classified ads, use the same ad or similar words repeatedly. You want people to become familiar with you and if you are constantly changing the ads, that won’t happen. Now this isn’t to say you have to use the same ad or button FOREVER, but you get the drift.

If you are using button ads, make sure they stand out and are visually appealing to your audience. Don’t go overboard here, but make sure if they have an entire site full of buttons they are drawn to yours. See if they have the option for rotating buttons. That way you can add more content into your ads and often more complete contact information.

Track your ads so you know which ones are working. Ask clients where they saw your ad or put something in the ad that would distinguish it from the others. Don’t totally disregard a paper if your initial response isn’t what you expected. Remember it often will take a few times for people to make the commitment.

See how easy it is to get publicity. Until next time .. enjoy your marketing!

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