Thursday, June 17, 2010

Publicity VA Summer Success Series

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As you know, I'm Diana Ennen of Virtual Word Publishing, I've been specializing in publicity and marketing for 25 years. I've gotten myself and my clients in every media imaginable and continue to do this. One of the things I hear so often, especially in this economy, is that PR is the first to go for a company. They just can't afford it.

Well, here's your solution. You can have me do your PR for you (which I'd love to do!), or you can learn how to do it yourself. This Publicity VA Summer Success Series is perfect to provide you the tools you need to succeed to pitch the media, write press releases and articles and distribute them out, learn social media ins and outs, etc.

Also, for virtual assistants who want to specialize in this, it's perfect. You can apply these techniques for your business and get more clients and also add this to your services.

Here's the details.

It started with a free call - 5 ways to get more PR, 3 pitching secrets & mistakes made in getting PR. Here's the audio from that.

Then on June 22nd we have our First Official Call.

Session #1 -- You need a marketing plan. Steps to build your marketing plan and decide what would work best for your particular business (and why) (June 22nd) 2:00 EST

Session #2 - How to write articles, press releases, blogs, etc., that work and get you and your clients on Google's First Page. (Including some SEO secrets.) (June 29th, 2:00 EST)

Session #3 - Pitching the Media - Do's and Don'ts for Success. What to pitch makes all the difference. I'll show you how to pitch. What to do ... What not to do. Pitching HARO and Profnet - (July 6th 2:00 EST)

Session #4 - Social Media / Social Book Marketing / Etc. How to use it for your success. (July 13th, 2:00 EST)

Session #5 - Review of your media. Questions & Answers - (July 20th, 2:00 EST)

All of this and MORE for only $99.00 (Special rate through June 20, 69th)

Publicity VA Success Series

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